The Start

Born in India, I was raised in a fun and food loving family. My cooking style has strong root in Indian culture and at the same time embraces the world cuisine with equal passion. With never ending love for food, spice and life, I am passionate about cooking and making Indian food less intimidating, healthy and easy to cook which reflects in my Restaurant W’kana which has been ranked one among Top Indian and top 100 of Houston From Last Seven Years in row. 

The Passion

Chef Sunil’s passion for cooking was initially kindled in Child hood, the Kitchen his Mother manage in Jaipur. Rajasthan, India.

It is where he grew up, amid the hubbub of dishes, pots and pans and friends. The kitchen was their living room, their playground, where they did their homework, watched television... whence the aroma of the Curries generously, simply and honestly prepared by their mother, wafted in.

Award Winning Restaurant

On August ,1997, in Hyderabad , Sunil celebrated the award by the Associates of Catering Professionals . GOLD MEDAL AS BEST CHEF OF THE YEAR AWARD IN FRENCH COOKING AS THE YOUNGEST Chef in the competition.

“The only thing that matters is that the client is satisfied and wants to return, regardless of whether the restaurant is number one or number two, three or fifty, or whether we have three stars or two”, says Sunil.

W’kana is a free-style restaurant, committed to the avant-garde, but still faithful to the memory of different generations of the Country's ancestors dedicated to feeding people. Creating Herbs and Spices blend into masterpiece. Sunil and W’kana’s commitment to cuisine and to the avant-garde, and its link to academia, has led it to defend the dialogue between the countryside and science, a total dialogue.